A network of distinct operating companies focused on innovation

Colson Medical

Designing, manufacturing, and distributing specialty medical devices that improve patient care worldwide


1,300 Team Members

15 facilities on 3 continents

Nearly 300 active & pending patents

Colson Medical Builds the Future of Health

Global health technology is complex and always evolving. Solving the challenges of this field demands expertise, innovation, and dedication. At Colson Medical, our subsidiaries are the future of medical technology around those principles.

  • Expertise: building our teams with leaders from around the world
  • Innovation: consistently expanding our capabilities to engineer creative solutions
  • Dedication: We’re here for the long-haul, and invest in our families of companies

What does Colson Medical do? It supports companies that are improving lives around the world.

Employees working in new Acumed logistics center
Acumed hand and wrist tool showing how it works on a reconstructed ankle
MicroAire PAL System product photo
Acumed hand and wrist tool showing how it works on a reconstructed wrist and hand.

Designing and Manufacturing Innovative Medical Devices

Colson Medical’s complementary business lines design and build a wide range of devices in the United States and around the world, with offices in China, UK, Spain, and Germany.

Medical Device Companies

Our medical device technology companies are nimble, disruptive, unique businesses that are at the forefront of innovation. They leverage our reach to continue to grow and create.

Medical Device Companies

acumed and osteomed logo


Worldwide leader in extremities and trauma fixation plates and screws for over 30 years.

Acumed includes the Osteomed brand of products, which are focused on craniomaxillofacial, neurosurgery, and extremities markets.

Microaire logo

MicroAire Surgical Instruments

Founded in 1977, uniquely positioned as a leader in specialty markets within aesthetics, hand surgery, and orthopedic power.

Medical Contract Manufacturing

Our medical contract manufacturers build and distribute for our brands and for leading medical OEMs around the world.

Medical Contract Manufacturing

Precision Edge Logo

Precision Edge Surgical Products

Contract manufacturer of precision surgical components, orthopedic and spinal instruments since 1989

Apex logo

Apex Tools

China-based contract manufacturer of high-quality orthopedic and spinal instruments, and orthopedic implants.

The Colson Medical Approach: How Our Growth Is Changing The Field

Colson Medical is growing into one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of medical devices. Our vision is to establish a premier healthcare medical device and manufacturing organization. Our acquisition strategy is to partner with companies who want to be part of that exciting vision.

It’s not fast. We’re not interested in buying a company for parts. We’re in it for the long-haul. It isn’t glamorous, but it’s the right way to do business. It’s the best way to help improve lives around the world.

Talk to a Colson Medical partner about your business.

What are we looking for?

  • Solid companies looking to take their business to the next level
  • Family-owned companies who want to protect what they’ve built
  • Innovative ideas that can continually improve medical care

What do we bring?

  • Support: we provide a permanent source of capital and stable home for your business to flourish
  • Commitment: we don’t manage quarter to quarter. We’re looking at the long-term health of our companies with a commitment to building a market leading medical segment inside of Marmon
  • Trusts: Decentralized operating style built on trust and shared values so you can run your company, keeping intact its legacy and brand equity
  • Options: We believe we offer a compelling alternative to the traditional private equity model of ownership

About Colson Medical

Colson Medical is part of Marmon Holdings, the “biggest company you’ve never heard of.” As part of Marmon, we have the support and the backing we need to continue growing, support our employees, and provide great jobs around the world.

We value respect, hard-work, and quiet determination. That’s been our way for almost 70 years. It’s how we’ll keep doing things for years to come.

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Want to help improve patient outcomes? Be part of our team.

With offices around the world, Colson Medical is always hiring. We’d love to see how your talents will help us grow.

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